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Breathe Retreat - a fully immersive and interactive worship event for women

We are stewarding

a move of God

in the earth

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Florida, we are coming to you!! Let’s dance, let’s sing, and let’s catch the Wind of God together! 

On July 10th, we will bring the Tampa Bay Area “first breath,” an abbreviated Breathe Retreat. Join us for a morning of breakthrough, worship, and activation in the Holy Spirit. 

This will be a powerful time with the Holy Spirit! Join us! 

If you would like to help our team get to Tampa, donate now to sponsor this outreach!

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Catch the

Wind of God 

with us!

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Breathe is a 12-hour, fully interactive and immersive worship experience for women.  It’s a season of refreshing in an atmosphere of freedom and yieldedness to the breath of God. We will catch the wind of God and breathe the oxygen of heaven, as we press in and seek His face and His breakthrough. 

It's time to be healed. 

It's time to be restored. 

It's time to Breathe.

At the Breathe Retreat, there will be time and space set aside for intimate, Spirit-led worship, powerful ministry, inspired teachings, and workshops geared toward the lives, the struggles, and the victories that are common to every woman, young and old. God will have His way with us, and we will minister to Him and to each other!

-Sandy James,

Founder of Breathe 

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" was a day filled with breakthrough!"

- Ayisha


Every breath was freedom.

- Kat